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Tier One

Over 6,000 sq ft coverage area

Quiet scent diffusion

Simple set-up

Blue tooth phone app control

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The Elf

1,000 sq ft of coverage

Bluetooth phone app control


Battery-operated OR plug-in options

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Elf photo.jpg

The Smurf

small size diffuser

Wall mounted


3,000 sq ft coverage

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The Triumph

Mid-size diffuser

Wall mounted or stand alone


4.500 sq ft coverage

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A1000 with logo.jpg

The Pod

Portable Electric Digital Screen Battery Powered Car USB Rechargeable Essential Oil Aroma Waterless Diffuser Machine.

Compact and powerful. Sleek design.

Three different diffuser settings for low to stronger fragrance release.


Four different color options to choose from!

Price: $59.99 (plus tax and shipping)

pod 8
The Pod - blk
pod 7
pod 2
pod 5
pod 1
pod 3
pod 4
Pod - Green
Pod - Silver
Pod - White
Pod - Silver
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