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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does implementing a scent program entail?

A scent marketing specialist will meet with you and work on developing a plan for which scent you would like to use, assess where to place the diffuser machine and how to set up a schedule and operate the diffuser machine to effectively create the ambiance you desire.

Is there any long-term contract?

No. There is term contract. We have an agreement that simply states taking care of the machine and returning our equipment once you have decided to no longer use it.

Is there a penalty for ending my service with Sentire?

No. There is no financial penalty of any kind. The only liability is ensuring that the equipment is returned in the condition as it was delivered.

Does your service include the essential oil in your monthly price?

Yes. The essential oil is part of the service.

Can I change my fragrance at any time? Or am I committed to stay with the same one?

You can change your fragrance at any time. We simply need sufficient time to be able to change your next shipment. A minimum of 30-day’s notice is appreciated.

Are all your essential oils the same price?

No. Some extracts are more costly to produce than others. This is why we have our list of Primary Fragrances (all the same price) and a list of Specialty Fragrances (vary in price). This allows the client to understand prior to selecting a scent that prices may vary depending on the scent.

Can I get a signature scent? A unique scent that no one else uses.

It is possible to create a “signature scent” although any given blend of scents can come across as differing very little to existing “primary” scents. There is an additional cost for creating a signature scent.

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